Our mission: More time for people


MINDS medical relieves the central players in the health care system, from hospital to insurer. 

80% of all data in the health care system is generated unstructured, e.g. in patient files, expert reports or discharge letters. Our goal is to structure this unstructured data quickly and securely for administrators in order to accelerate administrative processes and make medical content quickly available.


MINDS medical

  • structures unstructured patient data

  • (partially) automates administrative tasks like ICD-10 coding or medical risk analysis

  • creates data transparency for decision makers

Our approach: Digital Transformation 


MINDS medical uses machine learning and natural language processing methods to understand the context of medical texts. This means, for example, that 

  • flat rates per case can be coded, 

  • insurance risks analysed or 

  • invoices automatically checked. 


Our assistance systems learn from the experience of the clerks and constantly improve their understanding of medical contexts.


We are one of the first providers of these technologies for the healthcare industry.  

Our promise: Data Protection and Integration 


In order to meet the highest data protection requirements, MINDS medical integrates itself on site into existing information systems: "MM-care" into the system landscape of your hospital, "MM-sure" into your insurance company.


MM-care automatically codes the medical documentation for flat rates per case (DRG) or private medical billing (GOÄ) in the hospital. 


MM-sure supports your insurance company e.g. in the underwriting process with the analysis of pre-existing diseases. 


We adapt our system to your very specific requirements. In this way, you protect your personal data in the best possible way and ensure that you never give it out of your hands.

Our company:

Transparency, Sustainability and Agility


MINDS medical is a technology company from Frankfurt, founded in 2016. 


As a young company, we are able to develop processes and structures on a greenfield site and think in new ways.  Nevertheless, sustainability and an understanding of the complex interrelationships in healthcare are our top priority.


In addition to our first customers in 2017, MINDS medical has been supported by private investors since 2018, but also by an investment of the State of Hesse.


MINDS medical specializes in the development of artificial intelligence for the health care industry, which we are constantly improving with our cooperation partners from science and industry.

Our partners: great support

MINDS medical has gained valuable partners since its foundation.  


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