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Machine Learning

MINDS medical has been successfully developing machine learning applications for the healthcare industry for years.

Our speciality is "information retrieval" from unstructured text data.

You have a lot of data and are thinking about integrating machine learning applications into your workflow to automate processes? But you do not know exactly where the application is useful and profitable?

Please contact us.

We would be happy to help you identify useful use cases and methods or develop a proof of concept.

How we see artifical intelligence

Today's Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications describe a set of algorithms that enable the recognition of meaningful patterns in structured and unstructured data to perform human activities.

The tasks to be solved are usually too complex to describe all possible variations and situations in advance. Feedback mechanisms allow them to improve themselves without the need for developers to adapt the underlying models.

Thinking ahead


Are shortages of skilled workers and inefficient processes a well-known problem for you? This is almost always related to structures that have grown over time and a patchwork of digital and analogue work processes.

But "digitization" can only lead to success if people and technologies are aligned to a common goal.

As a startup, we were able to shape our vision for working together and productively right from the start. We want to share our experience in the health care industry to help shape your vision.

Contact us if we can help you with the digital transformation of your company.

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