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 Keynotes for conferences or corporate events 
As one of the co-founders of Minds medical, I frequently appear as an experienced speaker at various events. As an expert in our company for "Digital Health", my focus is on the analysis of processes and how digitalization can help people to make their work easier. For years, my most important task has been to inspire people with things they don't know yet. 

I also pursue this goal in my presentations. I attach great importance to a descriptive speech style in order to pick up all participants in their own world and take them on a journey to new possibilities.

The following topics I can provide you with:


  • Digital transformation in the healthcare sector

  • Automation with Artificial Intelligence

  • Start-up journey

  • New work

If you need a keynote speaker for a conference/company event or a dialogue partner at a symposium (in German or English) who has experience in the fields of healthcare, digitisation and start-ups, please contact me via our online form. I will be happy to work out an individual offer with you.


Examples of events where I have already been present as speaker or symposium participant can be found at the end of this page.

Thinking ahead


Are shortages of skilled workers and inefficient processes a well-known problem for you? This is almost always related to structures that have grown over time and a patchwork of digital and analogue work processes.

But "digitization" can only lead to success if people and technologies are aligned to a common goal.

As a startup, we were able to shape our vision for working together and productively right from the start. We want to share our experience in the health care industry to help shape your vision.

Contact us if we can help you with the digital transformation of your company.

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