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 for your insurance processes 

We are interested in making your processes leaner and more transparent. To this end, we have developed two solutions that pursue different goals: the RVA-Cockpit and MM-sure.

The RVA-Cockpit

The RVA-Cockpit provides risk assessors with a fully integrated interface to process risk pre-inquiries with 50% time savings. 


You get a focused view on the incoming inquiries, including those that are unprocessed, a compact presentation of the decision relevant information from the original document as well as the possibility to rate the inquiry.


With the help of the integrated evaluation unit, the risk assessment can be completed within a few steps.




The MM-sure assistance software codes customer requests independently and based on data.


The technology behind the software is built on artificial intelligence and learns to code automatically using historical data. Submitted doctor's letters are consequently converted into codes according to the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD-10) and then matched with specially defined health questions. Medical risks of potential customers can thus be automatically analyzed and the appropriate tariff offered.


Insurance companies can save up to 30% of underwriting costs with MM-sure.

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Faster processing of risk pre-inquiries

All relevant information at a glance and confirm decisions with just a few clicks



Medical risk analysis for insurance companies

Automatic coding and rating with the help of artificial intelligence

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