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MINDS medical joins Synpulse 8

Synpulse enhances its global offerings for insurance clients with the acquisition of the insurtech start-up MINDS-medical

Synpulse is thrilled to share that on 20 January 2023 it acquired MINDS-medical, the innovative start-up based in Germany. The team and their offering suite will become part of Synpulse8, Synpulse’s global tech powerhouse, where they can ide8, cre8 and innov8 leveraging the full strength of the Synpulse group and our Synpulsians.

The MINDS-medical team has developed high-quality products to help insurers leverage AI to automate classification and extraction of medical documents and content.

Not only is Synpulse8 excited about the knowledge gain the acquisition brings, as part of the growth story and market expansion, Synpulse as a group can now provide the platform to bring these innovative products to the global marketplace.

“What started as a project-based collaboration is now an E2E solution under one roof. With MINDS-medical now part of Synpulse, our clients in Germany and elsewhere will benefit from specific medical domain knowledge for machine-learning encapsulated in a proven software product. Welcome Lukas, Matthias and team” stated Ingo Muschick, Senior Partner and Head of Germany.

For more informations about Synpulse and Synpusle8 please follow this Link to LinkedIn

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