Corona virus and digital transformation

The Corona outbreak is on everyone’s mind and rightfully so. In some way or another we are or will be affected by it in the near future.


Obviously as a company, MINDS medical is taking the situation serious and the whole team is working remotely since the beginning of the week.

#staythefuckhome #socialdistancing #flattenthecurve


Luckily as a software company we are in a very good position to make this transition without much effort and many of us have been working remotely in the past.


We extend our sincere thank you to everyone who is working directly with patients in hospitals or doctors offices, laboratories and in the supply chain industry. You are making a difference!


MINDS medical’s mission has always been the same from the beginning:

More time for patients


We strongly believe that the healthcare system has lots of potential and the need to automate administrative processes to free time for the hardworking men and women who are taking care of the patients.


Please get in touch if we can help your organization in any way.



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